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Gilbert "Prussia" Beilschmidt

       Guten tag, I am Gilbert Beilschmidt, also known as Prussia. All you really need to know about me is that I am awesome. Well, that and the fact that my once glorious nation is now gone. It's not gone entirely, but it is pretty much gone. It went from Prussia to just East Germany, and now it's simply just part of Germany. I wish I still was in control of my nation, and that it still existed, but it doesn't. On the plus side, I've got a bunch of time on my hands from not having to run a nation anymore. This means I can create a pointless website so that all the friends I don't have can look at it and see what I'm all about. Which is not very much, by the way. I'll just tell you a little bit more about myself if you're really still that interested in knowing about me.

       Well, first of all you don't have to call me Gilbert or Herr Beilschmidt or whatever, you can call me Prussia. If you're German, you can call me Preußen. I guess you can call me that if you're not German, too, I just doubt you'd know how to correctly pronounce it. Also, I'm an albino. Which doesn't mean I'm a vampire, it just means I get burnt easily. It doesn't really affect my life that much, though, seeing as I hate going out in the sun now that I don't have to anymore. I guess there are some good things about not having a nation to run anymore, like no more paperwork or any work at all for that matter... and of course getting to live in my younger brother's house for free since I was forced to give up my house when Prussia collapsed. Well, I could either start paying for it myself or give it up. I didn't want to work, so I just gave it up. I just say I was forced to give it up so people will feel more sorry for me. Anyway, I doubt you're reading this anymore so auf wiedersehen to all of you.